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Heroes Reborn Doomsday #1 Cover A (2000 One Shot) *NM*

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Published: January 2000.

Regular Cover.

Written by Chris Claremont, Art & Cover by Mike McKone.

Manhattan stands amidst ten stories of water, Atlantean colonies amassing around its base. California is a radioactive wasteland where creatures strange and terrifying run wild. Philadelphia suffers extreme overcrowding as refugees rush in from the submerged Northwest. The World Party rules Germany. The mob runs Chicago. The face of the world has been dramatically changed. And every day, new cataclysms arise, as forces unseen vie for control of this brave new Earth. Welcome to a world in chaos. It needs a savior. It gets Doctor Doom. Returning from his sojourns to reclaim what is his by eminent domain, Doom discovers that what he had laid title to has become, in his absence, a war-torn prize, contested over by celestial powers. And none, be they man or god, may take what is rightfully Doom's. But to liberate this world, he will need to build an army, and he will need to uncover the nature of his enemy. He is Doom. He will find a way.

Condition: Near Mint.

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