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Mage The Hero Defined #14 Cover A (1997 Series) *NM*

Publisher: Image Comics

Published: August 1999.

Regular Cover.

Written by Matt Wagner, Art & Cover by Matt Wagner.

"When the Battle's Lost and Won".
Kirby thinks the horned Man-Mountain of Dzoxk is the bull mentioned in his current labor, and insists he fight it alone, but Kevin won't accept that. The golem, which is filled with Kevin's excess power, is tough to beat, and all the more so because Kevin and Kirby are arguing while they're fighting. The golem takes advantage of the chaos of the situation and stabs Kirby, mortally wounding him. Meanwhile, the Sprigginflints also join the battle, but are quickly defeated. Wally climbs the cliff and takes on Emil Grackleflint. Kevin destroys the Man-Mountain, and uses the Bat to resurrect Kirby, but the effort destroys the Bat.

Condition: Near Mint.

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