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At Wolfcomics we believe privacy is important. We will never contact you unless absolutely necessary and only in connection to an order query or to reply to an enquiry from a customer. Our privacy and cookie policies are as follows:


We only take customer details such as name, address and email. These are only used to ship your order and contact you when orders are on their way so you know when to expect them. Phone number is optional and normally not required unless there is a problem with your order which needs discussing with you personally.
All details are never and never will be shared with any other 3rd parties.


The only cookies our website uses are to track your order whilst on the site for the purposes of saving your order to the shopping cart. No 3rd party cookies are used and other than your shopping cart order we do not store any other data. Order data is stored on your account for your reference only and only consists of the items you have purchased.

If you require any additional information please just email us.

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