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Uncanny X-Men First Class #3 Cover A (2009 Series) *NM*

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Published: September 2009.

Regular Cover.

Written by SCOTT GRAY, Pencils & Cover by ROGER CRUZ.

Sean Cassidy has played many roles in his life: an adventurer, an Interpol agent, even a criminal. Now he's Banshee, one of the new X-Men, and he's in love with the beautiful Moira MacTaggert! However, Sean had another beloved once: his long-lost wife Maeve. But is she really dead? Banshee's dark past threatens his future as he faces a macabre threat in "The Next Life"! Also: Peter Corbeau and his Starcore team make an ominous discovery on the surface of the Sun...

Condition: Near Mint.

Our Price: £2.25
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